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Alexis Fegan Black is the award-winning author of many gay romance novels and short stories. Her writing in the genre began in the early 1980s and continues to this day. She has also written non-fiction books in the field of quantum metaphysics, and brings that sense of awe and mystery to Prince of Thorns.

Alexis received the coveted Surak Award for 2 of her novels, and is a featured author in many prominent publications, both professional and underground. She was a pioneer in the early days of male/male or "slash" romance fiction, and is especially well-known for her award-winning trilogy, Dreams of the Sleepers.

Prince of Umberlight is her first fiction novel in many years, and represents a joyful return to her roots in male/male erotica.

She is currently working on other books in the "Tales of Umberlight" series. 

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