by Mikal Nyght

The only way to kill an immortal
is to make him believe he is mortal.


Darker Teachings of the Immortals





 Teachings of the Immortals took the metaphysical world by storm just a few short years ago, and now Mikal Nyght comes through on his promise to reveal the "Darker Teachings of the Immortals".

Darker Teachings of the Immortals brings the reader into intimate contact with secrets & truths that have been suppressed for centuries by governments, religions & corporations who seek to maintain a profitable status quo while simultaneously keeping the human population docile, obedient and - worst of all - mortal. Now, at last, it's time to throw off the chains and claim our rightful place among the immortals.


From the Introduction, Mikal Nyght says...

The observation has been made that "life gets in the way," and while that's true, it's really something more specific that lies at the heart of our conundrum. Namely - life gets in the way of immortality.

Ironic, no?

While one is off doing all the things one does in the course of living, life is being drained out of you by the brute with the scythe, until you wake up one morning and realize you are old, wondering where your life went, what became of time, and why the reflection in the mirror bears no resemblance to the idea of yourself in your mind. So, yes, life gets in the way.

It is not my belief that anyone should live as an isolated monk in a state of perpetual meditation and contemplation of their crusty navel. Is that really living? On the other hand, I have lived in simpler times - before man walked on the moon, before the age of the internet, before X-Box and blue tooth and smart phones and all the other distractions the world now has to offer. Perhaps I sound like an old man. I am. I am a very old man, in a very transient world, and such is the very nature of immortality.

The purpose of The Darker Teachings is primarily to generate and hopefully maintain a frame of mind of freedom from the programming that otherwise binds the seeker to mortality, death and decay. The purpose is to teach the seeker not what to think, but how to think and - far more importantly - how to see that the world is largely an illusion of delusions, created and nurtured by fear, complacency and habit.

Am I saying the world isn't real? Not at all. It is very real, and as paranoid as this might sound, it really is out to get you - not through ninja assassins or shadowy entities looking to steal your soul, but through absorption into the dull and lifeless status quo of so-called normal life.

You will be absorbed if you don't do something. Teachings of the Immortals was designed to provide the seekers for whom it was written with an intense and compelling Awakening. The Darker Teachings are intended to move the traditional reference points from the ordinary to the infinite, from the transient to the eternal.

Listen with your heart.
Hear with your spirit.
See with your third eye.
Only then will you Know.



"The Darker Teachings will not only boggle the mind, they have the power to free it - and you -
from the yoke of Death itself."
(Night Readers)

"If you read The Darker Teachings before you're ready, you may end up holding a candlelight vigil for your sanity.
An empowering look at the human potential!"
(Jonathan Abrahms, Independent Reviewer)

6x9" Trade Paperback
254 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-942415-15-2

Teachings of the Immortals
Where it all began... and never dies

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Darker Teachings of the Immortals


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"The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution."
Mikal Nyght