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Science Fiction Poetry by
Wendy Rathbone

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A collection of science fiction poetry by award-winning writer & poet, Wendy Rathbone. In the midnight realms of the deepest reaches of the stars you will find, floating gently and without apology, poems of long-lost thoughts made of dream and fantasy. This is where the poems in "Dead Starships" originate, from the endless, breathless muse that resides within us all and travels outward with abandon where every-day concerns fear to tread. Here you will find lost captains, alien princes, timeless androids, the sorrow, the longing, the nostalgia and the ecstasy of moving beyond the Earth and into the unknown. Open the pages of this book and set yourself on a voyage buoyed by the lullabies of the stars. All new poems by award-winning poet and author Wendy Rathbone.


In the Future

the future comes with
too many gizmos
too many cute names that end in i
floating metal houses made for lightspeed
android lovers who can withstand
the heat of exploding suns
but cry at the thought of
a broken heart


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5x8" Trade Paperback
 140 Pages
ISBN: 1942415125 / 9781942415121
Also available in PDF Format
Signed by the Author

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