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The Lostling: Alec's Story
Book 3 in "The Foundling" Trilogy

Wendy Rathbone

In the first book, The Foundling, Alec is found adrift on a raft at sea by a wealthy, underworld kingpin named Diego. Alec suffers total amnesia, and with nowhere else for him to go, Diego offers him his vast, luxurious estate in the Caribbean as a safe haven where he can recover. A strong bond develops between the two men which not even the cruelties of their darker worlds can break. 

As a victim of the sex-slave trade, Alec learns, by the end of book 2, None Can Hold the Dark, more about Alecís kidnappers as they pose a second threat to his new life with Diego. But he still remembers almost nothing about what happened to him, and his former identity remains a blank. 

The Lostling, book 3, takes place directly after the second book as Alec and Diego relocate to San Francisco. There, amid salty winter wind and fog, Alec's lost memories slowly return and he must relive some of his most painful and terrifying moments to regain his forgotten self. In agonizing dreams and flashes of memory, he finally remembers what happened to himÖ and why.


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Book 3 in "The Foundling" Trilogy
6x9" Trade Paperback
ISBN - 978-1942415022 
194 pages
Signed by the Author
Also available in PDF Format

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