The Effect of Moonlight on Tombstones

(A Dark Little Collection of Poetry Gleaned From the Gnosis of Vampires and Songs of the Muse)

Della Van Hise



Moments Frozen In Time

(A Foreword by the Author)


Poetry has never been something I consciously set out to write. Instead, it is something that comes or not, entirely at the whim of whatever it is that writers call "the muse." Over the years, I have come to think of my own poetry as a form of shorthand - an attempt to capture a moment frozen in time. A wayward leaf caught in mid-fall. A glimpse of a shadow cast by nothing at all. The effect of moonlight on tombstones.


Though I write primarily novels and nonfiction, I do find myself pleasantly haunted by what my mentor once referred to as "the gnosis of vampyres." What does that mean? In essence, I would say it is the voice of silent knowing - the observer within all of us who possesses the ability to see the world clearly, and at times perhaps too clearly. As another dear friend once said, "Poetry is the streaming download from the broken heart of the universe." I have found that to be true, at least in my own humble attempts at the art form.


The poems in this anthology represent approximately two decades of those streaming downloads, most of which were scribbled hastily and in bad penmanship into cloth journals. If I have been at all successful in capturing some of those moments frozen in time, perhaps a line or two will resonate with you, hopefully bringing a smile to your face or a chill to your spine.


At the very least, enjoy the dark side of the light.


Della Van Hise

November 8, 2015



Candles keep journals

of time’s passing

in empty books of matches.



My heart is a haunted room,

sinister sanctuary.

When it breaks,

shattered by your sharp white smile,

all the shadows come leaking out,

phantoms of neverland

loosed on the world of men.


The cemetery lies empty,

pallid headstones only coloring books

for the idle hands of time.



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The Effect of Moonlight on Tombstones
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