My House Is Full of Whispers
Wendy Rathbone


Ten erotica short stories by Wendy Rathbone - former winner of the prestigious WRITERS OF THE FUTURE contest!


Leda has not one beautiful man, but two. Kale enters a secret world in a wealthy manís basement. Noah is in love with a man who hates sex. Dina lives next door to a famous Hollywood director she secretly loves. Dorian has a sixteen year old female student coming onto him. Tara is haunted by an erotic ghost. Young Dimitri is kidnapped by lecherous men. And more.


Authorís Preface


When I wrote these stories, I deliberately set out to gently break down certain barriers, and Iíve certainly broken taboos. Do I care? No. This is fantasy at its purest level. The stories are never meant to be political statements, nor do they make any attempt at political correctness, and there is little consideration for safe sex. While I definitely condone safe sex, my stories come from fictional realities in my head where safe sex is not much of a concern because, well, itís imaginary and itís fiction!

For me, these stories are meant as little poetic erotic ramblings merely to stir the flames of desire, nothing more. They are pure fantasy and therefore to be enjoyed as such. Every story is erotic in nature, meant to titillate, some more explicit than others. Some of the stories are light, some are darker. I invite the reader to a feast of diversity and delight.

One reader commented:  "...some of the most beautifully written erotica since Anais Nin!"

6x9" Trade Paperback
141 Pages
ISBN: 978-0989693868
Also available in PDF Format
Signed by the Author

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