None Can Hold the Dark
Wendy Rathbone

In the eagerly-awaited sequel to Wendy Rathbone’s homoerotic romance The Foundling,” Diego and Alec meet new challenges in private and from the outside world. Diego is being investigated by the local police for murder. Meanwhile, Alec’s amnesia and the trauma of his kidnapping by white slavers continue to plague him. And the danger to Alec is not yet over.

     Distracted by their new love, both men fail to see certain threats until it is almost too late.



   "Why do you keep doing this illegal business?”  Now Alec’s gaze turned toward him, open as the day and lit with a sad frenzy, a challenge.  “You could go anywhere, do anything, be anyone.”

   Diego had asked himself that question on rare occasions.  In truth, he got used to what he was, what he did.  Even a dangerous known was perhaps preferable to the unknown.  “People depend on me.”

   Alec shook his head, but smiled a little as he said, “That’s so weak.”  He leaned forward, over the arm of the chair, and put his shaking hand on the back of Diego’s head.  The kiss was cool, lingering, moist with salt.  When Alec pulled back, he said almost matter of factly, “It’s like there’s sharks and there’s goldfish and one can’t decide to become the other.”

   Diego was still stunned by the kiss.  But the words hit him hard.  In them was the unfair conjecture of a locked fate.  He believed in making his own fate…or luck.  Did Alec think only one kind of man lived inside him and that was all there was to it?  To life?  It hurt.  Badly.

   Diego sat back on his heels, catching himself with his hands on the smooth floor.  “So, Alec, which am I?”

   Alec frowned.

   Diego said, “I made choices in my life. I made them  No one made them for me. If I need to be strong I’m strong.  If I need to be vicious I can be that too.  So what?  I’m stuck there?  In a pattern, a role…with no free will?”

   Alec watched him inquisitively now.

   “Because,” Diego went on, “I’m solely responsible for my actions.  Me.  Could you say the same of the shark?”

   They both waited, the silence covering them in muggy discomfort.

   “You think you understand me?” Diego finally asked.

6x9" Trade Paperback
184 pages
ISBN:  978-0989693837
Also available in PDF Format
Signed by the Author


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One Reviewer on Amazon wrote...

"I'm surprised these books haven't gotten more attention!"

This is quite a romantic adventure set in the tropics as as man kidnapped by slavers is rescued by wealthy business man of the islands who's enterprises aren't all completely legal. Diego has been just living for revenge, and habit, until he pulls a beautiful man from a lifeboat in the ocean. Alec becomes his new reason for living. In the book, The Foundling and this, it's sequel their story plays out as they must fight to overcome both dangerous enemies and Alec's amnesia. Now, normally I have a bit of a conniption fit when a character in a book turns up with amnesia because it's been overdone, but in this case it's so smoothly fit into the plot and the circumstances are so striking that I didn't even think about that. The setting of an elegant beach villa battered by tropical storms was beautiful. The political, business and criminal cross-overs were skillfully sketched. The ending was quite satisfying although I wouldn't have minded a few more details.

Diego is exceptionally likeable and it was immense fun to get to side with the 'criminal' in a police drama, as he does what he has to to protect Alec. The two books were a great way to spend a summer weekend.

This book rather reminded me of the Japanese manga, Finder Volume 1: Target in the View Finder (Yaoi) "You're My Loveprize In The Viewfinder."


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