Turn Left at November

Wendy Rathbone


Visit realms of diamond rain, dust-folk lands and valleys of curses and shame. Reside in the burning moonships of dream, the silt of stars, the asphyxiation of the waking day. Meet the golden android who houses your soul. Journey through tatters of stardust down roads of sorrow. Find hope in planets of candles and crazy-eyed mermen. There you will meet November in these rich and evocative poems by Wendy Rathbone.

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Unmaking Autumn

Out at the excavation site
where they are taking apart autumn
leaf by fabled leaf
the searchlights try to catch us
putting the eyes back into the pumpkins
the moon back in the witch-shaped sky
We steal blood kisses
behind the naked apple orchards


Winterís Shelf

hidden pathways to the moon
the northís blue breath
amethyst dusks
winter wind bottled
and sold here


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5x8" Trade Paperback
82 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-942415-08-4
Also available in PDF Format
Signed by the Author

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