Diary of a Nagual Woman

by Della Van Hise

"Diary of a Nagual Woman brings a quantum understanding to what has traditionally been believed to be a mystical path alone. This book picks up where Carlos Castaneda left off to take us on a roller coaster ride of our own forgotten power..."

- Michael Grove, Independent Reviewer



When I asked how Orlando had known I would come to this remote location, and how he himself had gotten there – since there were no other cars in the tiny parking lot – he only smiled a little, stretched out his long legs, and slouched down on that cold metal bench to stare up at the stars.

“You’re predictable,” he said as if I should have already known. “I’m here because this is where you always come when you’re mad at the world.”

I attempted to engage him in a conversation of just exactly how he knew I was mad at the world, since I’d had no direct contact with him in quite some time, nothing to give him any hint of what was going on in my everyday life. But even as I began spelling all of that out to him, he brushed my words aside with an easy gesture.

“Do you want to talk or do you want to waste time looking for logical explanations for every magical thing that ever happens?” he asked. “That’s what’s wrong with the world, you know. Instead of embracing the mysteries and trying to determine how they might open a crack in an otherwise humdrum, pre-programmed existence, people waste their entire lives explaining it all away, attaching labels to it, filing and categorizing it until it loses any meaning.”

He had a point. And I’d already been inundated with enough mysteries in my time to know that some things simply had no explanation humans could understand. ‘Magic is only science not yet understood’. Words Orlando had written more than a year before rattled through my mind up there in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, looking down on a distant world that seemed far more unreal to me at that moment than the world he had been trying to teach me to see.

He was there – whether physically or in some spirit-form manifestation is ultimately of no importance, for in the sorcerer’s world there is no difference between body and spirit, and in any world, perception is reality.



QUANTUM SHAMAN: Diary of a Nagual Woman
6x9" Trade Paperback
256 Pages
ISBN:   978-0989693844
Signed by the Author

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One Reviewer on Amazon said:

This book can be read on a variety of levels. It might be a work of sleight of hand by the author. Is it real? Is it fiction? Is it a spiritual adventure? Is it a guide book? It's written well, and offers insights that are not mainstream, yet are also found in various philosophical systems, old and new. It's intriguing to find combined concepts of quantum physics with "ordinary" and not so ordinary living through the author's personal experiences. I find much of an allegorical nature. After all, did people argue with Dante about whether he really traveled through Hell and all seven levels of it? The author has a strong unblunted point of view, which, while I may not agree with everything, is nonetheless refreshing.


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