Scrawls on the Walls of the Soul
Della Van Hise


The long-awaited follow-up to
Quantum Shaman: Diary of a Nagual Woman
Stands alone, or order together!

"If you've ever felt like a stranger in a strange land,
this book is your road map to survival in the spiritual wilderness!"
(Michael Grove)


It was May of 2000 when my mentor threw me out of the quantum cosmic classroom and said, “I’ve taught you everything I can. Now it’s time to take that knowledge and slam it up against the walls of the real world. If it remains intact and survives the brutality to which it will be subjected, you will get a gold star next to your name and be allowed to proceed to the next level.” No mention was made of what this next level might be, or if, indeed, it truly existed.

Go ahead – try to explain this all-consuming path to your friends and relatives. They will smile politely, squirm uncomfortably, and eventually they will stop returning your phone calls and look the other way when they see you coming. And who can blame them? They live in the real world with their office jobs and nuclear families and a host of mindless sitcoms waiting on the propaganda box at the end of their busy day. In direct contrast, it could be observed that anyone who has dedicated themselves to the pursuit of forbidden knowledge really doesn’t live in that world at all. Not for lack of wanting, perhaps, but because the real world is quickly seen to be little more than a series of programs and illusions – not unlike The Matrix. And not surprisingly, the people who populate that world may begin to take on a peculiar zombie-like quality.

You find yourself alone in a world of jesters, jokers and jackasses. Now what?


6x9" Trade Paperback
212 Pages
ISBN:  978-0989693820
Signed by the Author

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One Amazon Reviewer said:

Scrawls on the Wall of the Soul will rattle the foundation of everything you have ever believed in. It is not really a comfortable book to read and you will either be hooked completely, or you will be running, screaming.

The book points out the craziness of our modern society. Some of this, I know, will click with you as much as it did with me. We all have dealt before with computerized phone answering systems, maintenance people who never show up, holiday craze and much more of that kind.

Della and her ' Double', her Higher Self , her Over Soul, Orlando, will take take you on a journey towards 'dark enlightenment', beyond time, far beyond our comfort zones and open up new realities for you, you would have never dreamed existed.

It is not a book for the faint of heart, but it is deep, passionate, truthful and it will make you think!

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"It's not your neatly typed essays that interest me,
but the scrawls on the walls of your soul."



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