by Mikal Nyght


The core of your beliefs determines the realities you see
and obliterates those you choose to ignore.
- Mikal Nyght


So... You Want To Live Forever?

The teachings are presented as brief vignettes in no particular order of importance. This is not a book you read from start to finish in a single night. It is a grimoire of self-creation, intended to be contemplated slowly so as to be assimilated wholly. Pick it up and turn to a page at random. Where your eyes come to rest on the page is your lesson for the day. Go no further until you have assimilated the lesson totally.

The teachings are seduction as much as instruction. This is the way of The Dark Evolution.

Two Brief Excerpts...

The Ruby Slippers

The danger of the consensual continuum is that its natural gravity exists at the lowest common denominator of human experience, and because of this it will automatically make you forget those elusive truths you've fought to learn, and before you know it you're lost in petty dramas again, sinking into the mire of old familiar scripts.

The only way to overcome this is to be continually cavorting with worlds and events beyond human experience, journeying into the unknown so that it can become known, expanding knowledge and awareness to become more than you were, bringing back from the Dreaming those secrets which will teach you how to use the ruby slippers to transport yourself over the rainbow to the vampyre wizard's secret lair.


This is the nature of reality: to be precisely what perception dictates, as solid and whole as your interpretation of it, or as changeable and eternal as you permit it to be.

It wasn't knowledge god tried to keep from Man, you see. It was perception, for perception alone has the power to destroy god and obliterate comfortable consensual realities to create unending immortality.

Take the apple, my embryonic children. Nibble its red red flesh. Open your vampyre eyes so you may finally begin to See.


6x9" Trade Paperback
224 Pages
ISBN: 978-0976689775

DARKER Teachings of the Immortals
Just released - October 2017!

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One Amazon Reviewer said...

Even if you don't believe in what the "Teachings" tell you, get this book for its shear artistry and poetic energy. I love just flipping through the pages and finding something that speaks to my heart. The tone of the book is first person; an immortal speaking to YOU the reader, teaching you how to become [or un-become depending on how you see it]. The author has a very polished style. I've not detected any spelling or grammar mistakes which is important to me (I work as an editorial proofreader) because such things make books difficult for me to read.

The basis for the vampyre self is quantum reality. Essentially if you can imagine it then it must be so. (So be careful what you imagine!) The quantum double-self will tear you apart and reconstruct you completely in its own image, that of the immortal.

Enjoy this book. I cannot rave enough about it since I have bought many a vampyre book that has fallen short of its true potential to gift the reader with something other than an unfulfilled dream.

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"The destruction of faith is the beginning of evolution."
Mikal Nyght




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